Exhibitor details

April is a British Ethical & Fair Trade Designer/Maker of Contemporary Jewellery, living on the North Coast of Devon. She uses the coastline, rock formations and the sea as inspiration for her designs. Her Jewellery is bold and energetic using line, form and colour, every piece is hand made giving each creation an individuality of its own

April’s vision of her company is to strive for complete transparency throughout her business. This transparency spreads from her sourcing of precious metals suppliers and gem stones to the design process with clients. April is committed to ensuring she uses suppliers that have social and environmentally responsible business practices.

April only uses ethical and fair trade gold in her jewellry. This gold is mined in accordance with the standards set by Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM). In choosing to source her materials in this way April knows that they have been traded in an ethical manner. This means:
• a premium will go directly to the miners and their communities • health and safety standards are in place in the gold mines • child labour a is prohibited in the gold mines • no toxic chemicals are used in the extraction of the gold