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I began working as an Artist Blacksmith in 2015 as a semi-retirement business in order to keep myself sane, sociable and solvent, tapping into more artistic roots that did not get a chance to breathe in my professional life as an innovation and leadership consultant and coach.

I am an artist blacksmith working in Musbury. I am interested in producing sculptures that capture form and movement. My initial work was in mild steel and while this continues I am also developing a series of bronzes.

More broadly I also design and manufacture furniture and household items suitable for indoor or outdoor use, eg. garden plant supports and structures. My designs are modern rather than traditional, often inspired by art deco or arts and crafts pieces I have seen.

Colours can range from black to the brightest colours you can imagine, with surfaces in glass, stone or wood.

Commissions are welcome, call me with your ideas, drawings and photos.